Day 51

Settling Into Cali

Crescent City CA - Aug 10th, 2016

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Day 52 - Day 53

Redwoods National and State Park

Aug 11th and Aug 12th, 2016

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Day 54

Eureka, Lets Go Home

Eureka CA - Aug 13th, 2016

I’ll admit that I didn’t have much of a plan driving this far south on Highway 101.  It was mostly so I could say the following — “I was driving along, but then I heard my Eureka moment so I figured it was time to head home”.

Regardless it was a great little town to say goodbye to the Pacific Ocean.

Day 55

Trip Is Getting Hot

Northern CA - Aug 14th, 2016

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Day 56

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Aug 15th, 2016

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