Grand Teton National Park

Visted July 8th, 2016

Day 18 on the road.

I’ll have to admit that by the time I left Riverton Wyoming I had mixed feelings about the whole trip.  Theodore Roosevelt had a couple days that felt absolutely life changing but the rest felt like a slog.  The Mount Rushmore area just took the winds out of my sails with how busy it was.  But on July 7th I drove to a National Forest outside the Tetons, where I got my first peak about this incredible mountain range.

Once I got into the park I felt at peace.  I took the day to go on a hike around Jenny Lake and it felt like what a mountain hike should be.  I got to see a moose in the wild chilling out by some water and a rushing river from mountain snow runoff!  While it might not sound impressive writing this years later, it was the very first mountain hike I’ve ever taken.