Day 1

The Beginning

Madison WI - June 21st, 2016

I took one last look at all my stuff in storage and of myself before getting out of town late.

The first stop was Minneapolis MN to visit some friends!

Day 2

It's Happening

Walhalla ND - June 22nd, 2016

It felt like half the day was spent trying to making my camping equipment function and organize my stuff.

Eventually I made it to the family farm in Walhalla ND and I caught the most amazing sunset.

Day 3

Oh Mickey, You So Fine

Walhalla ND - June 23, 2016

This tractor was the first vehicle I was allowed to drive at the age of 6.  I was given a metal chain and a lesson on how all the levers and pedals functioned and spent a few days moving dead trees to a burn pile.  It is a lasting memory from my childhood so I was beyond thrilled when I inherited it.

This beautiful machine is now mine.

Day 4

Granda Dearest

Walhalla ND - June 24th, 2016

Alzheimer’s Sucks.

I spent the entire day with my grandmother and got to take her all over this beautiful part of North Dakota.  While she didn’t remember me, I could still recognize her and her mannerisms.

A quirk of the disease is that people inflicted sometimes get fixated on a narrow set of questions which get asks over and over again.  This day her question was “what is your job?” and no matter how I described being a photographer and videographer she always responded with “you won’t make much money from that”.  Everytime I had to laugh.

Day 5

Vacation from my Vacation

Lake of the Woods MN - June 25th, 2016

Sure it is only day 5 of a road trip but let’s go on a side vacation.

My Dad and I detoured towards Lake of the Woods where my family vacationed when I was growing up.

We continued the fishing traditions of betting on who catches the first fish.  In tomorrow’s gallery there is proof of my winnings.  I’ll never spend that dollar.

Day 6

Blown Away

Walhalla ND - June 26th, 2016

The winds rolled in an put a stop to the fishing trip.  I did get to sit and enjoy the waves!

On the way I got to stop in and meet Mikey, the best man from my parents wedding.

Day 7

Last of the Known World

Grand Forks ND - June 27th, 2016

This first week on the road was familiar.  It was a whole lot of places I’ve seen and things I’ve done many times before.

Tomorrow is where it starts for real.  Tomorrow when I drive west, it will be the farthest west I’ve ever driven.