Time In Between The Major Things

Around this part of the journey something occurred to me that I found unexpected and hard to handle.  The time in between stopping at major landmarks was becoming very hard for me to handle.

A Journey to Mount Lemmon

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My First Harvest Host

Let’s continue the theme of things unexpected.  I’ve heard of the service ‘Harvest Host’ countless times before starting van life.  The premise is simple — A business will let you stay overnight in their parking lot with the assumption that your stop there will mean you buy something from them.  The most traditional example would be a brewery where you’d get a free place to park your vehicle for the cost of beer and burger, something I’d buy for myself anyways.

This harvest host was nothing like that. Instead it was just some guy’s house — Rich Winters.  This ended up being one of the most social places I’ve been at this entire month which was very much needed.  I ended up staying free for the exchange of a drone flyover and timelapse of the surrounding mountainside.

Next time I’m getting a beer and a burger.