Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Its funny to me that I previously parked here a few weeks ago and didn’t know this place existed.  I guess I was more focused on working and not falling behind on general life tasks that I didn’t reach out and seek places nearby.

This first step into the conservation area was my way of reaching.

I picked out a trail for my second day but ended up getting started way too late in the day.  Coupled with my poor sleep I’ve been getting due to sleeping next to a busy road I ended up only making it halfway up the mountain.  This does give me something to achieve for the next time I’m in the area.

My last hike in the area was much more reasonable than my previous choice.  I picked a 6+ mile out and back along the Calico Hills.  It seemed like a popular trail to take but I really wanted to get a full eyeful of all the pretty red rocks.