Crater Lake National Park

June 28th to 30th, 2022

Work Before Fun

After a few days in the heat I pushed through to just get to Crater Lake.  Feeling behind on work and other personal projects I decided to get my work done before going out to explore.  My view out my window of this vibrant blue lake was probably my best office location of the summer.  Plus the few meetings I had with the lake in the background fooled a few people thinking it was a fake backdrop.

I Go Down, I Go Up

When I finally was ready to go out for some hikes I figured the only access down to the water was a good place to start.  I quickly figured out that my perspective of elevation was skewed with the size of the Lake.  All of the hikes basically went down, or they went up.

At the Lakeside I ran across a group of really awesome and adventurous folks.  After chatting for a bit we got to see a couple actually jump in the Lake from one of the only safe places to do so.  Based on their reaction, it was way too cold for me.

To round out the evening I decided to hike up to one of the peaks surround the lake.  It felt like each viewpoint the lake looked more majestic.  So basically the photos turned into me taking panorama after panorama.