Worlds Collide

This ended up being a really tough weekend for me in multiple ways.  It seems obvious in hindsight that the traditional male bachelor party and a van life with a focus on minimalism and moderation would conflict.

Money for me was a huge deal this summer and I picked and chose every dollar I spent carefully.  For others being on their main vacation for the summer so it didn’t matter what things costed.  This 4 day weekend ended up costing 1/6th of my nearly 100 day summer.

Moderation was my other struggle. Van life has unique challenges to health and wellbeing and I used a strict sleep schedule and moderated my eating.  This weekend challenged habits I spent a month cultivating and just sent me into a weird mental spiral.  Either fully join in and set myself back or isolate myself.  It was a tough choice.

I’m writing this months after the fact with the assumption that nobody will fully read this.  Its more of a reflection for myself. It took me nearly another month to shed the anxiety of the weekend.  But hey, the lake was pretty and someday I’ll be able to post a really cool drone video from it.