Lassen Volcanic National Park

July 10th through 12th, 2022

Starting Out On Top

Every time I’ve come to this park it was after leaving the Redwoods.  Coming from a place with the cool ocean breezes and lush green landscapes gives quite a whiplash.  Honestly I’ve said to myself every time “why did I ever leave the coast?” And its always worth it.  This park is such a hidden gem of the exact type of wilderness that I’ve been searching for.

My first hike is to the top, straight to the Lassen Peak.  My first time here in 2016 I started walking up the trail but got intimated by the elevation.  Not this time.  I would categorize this as a strenuous hike but at the top it feels like you are on top of the world.  Its completely worth it.

Unique Smell In the Air

I often describe this place as Yellowstone without the geysers with a touch more mountains mixed in.  My second day in the park I decided to focus on the sulfur pit features that are scattered throughout the park.

I also saw my first bear for the summer.  Photos taken safely from inside the van with the camera lens stuck out a cracked window.

Trail to Myself

Ok, so I didn’t have the trail completely to myself but I think I counted six people in a five hour hike.  For a national park trail next to the main campground that is essential a trail to yourself.  Ultimately this is why I enjoy this park more than most.  When you are out exploring it really feels remote and untouched.