Wind Cave National Park

June 18th, 2022

Getting Started Is Hard

This whole summer van trip could not have started with more unexpected turns if somebody tried planning it.  I ended up leaving a week late with a route change to accommodate less time on the road.  My plan was to head directly out to Yellowstone National Park and make it a cornerstone of my first month on the road.  I’d stop in Wind Caves National Park for a day or two since it was on the way then find my new home for a month.  And for the unexpected turn.. Yellowstone is flooded out and will probably be close for the entire season.  So here I stay at Wind Caves enjoying the area and plotting my next move.


Also its too hot.  Highs in the 90s is just too hot to enjoy yourself in a prairie environment.

First Time Out Backpacking

I attempted a single night out in the backcountry as sort of a shakedown for myself.  I haven’t gone actual backpacking since 2019 and I needed to prove to myself I knew what I was doing.

I proved to myself, that I have a lot to re-remember.  I edited together the clips from the that outing in the video below.  Needless to say I was a forgetful boy.


Into the Cave We Go

Caves are always cool. While not the first cave system I've been to its always such a unique experience going below ground. On the tour there is a moment where they turn off the lights except for a candle to give you the experience of the original cave explores. Then blow out the light. It was complete darkness and, except for childish laughter of the two young boys in the group, there would have been complete silence.

Where the Buffalo Belong

This area has its own buffalo herd thats roams wherever it wants.  It’s honestly one of the coolest attractions this place has to offer.  I honestly spent a lot of time just sitting and watching them all graze.  Also at one of the trailheads a lone buffalo passed through the parking lot.  Don’t worry thought, I was taking photos from the rooftop deck.