White Sands National Park

Established 2019 – 62nd National Park

Visited: Jan 6th, 2022

Wow! The sand here is very white.  And its everywhere.  And it is beautiful. Unless you hate sand.

I somehow woke myself up at 6:30 local time to get the day started off right.  An early one mile nature trail hike in the beginning parts of the park started out the day.  Somehow I had reception in the area so I had a couple of work meetings pulled up at a trailhead.

Once the afternoon rolled around I hit the main event, The Alkaline Flats Trail.  It was a 5 mile loop through the whitest of the white dunes around.  I enjoyed the “Do Not Go Beyond This Point” sign due to its thinly veiled threats of explosions.

Overall a very enjoyable first park to visit on this journey.  Definitely only a day trip for my liking but worth a stop in if you are in the area.