Redwoods National Park

July 3rd through 8th, 2022

Bigger Than I Remember

Redwoods National Park is a hodgepodge of a bunch of different smaller parks each with their own special trees.  Their common thread is these wondrous and very very big trees.  Every time I come here I think I remember how big they are but there is nothing like it back in the Midwest.

I started this nearly week long stop at the Jedediah Smith State Park.  It was a bunch of short nature hikes showcasing the biggest of the big trees.  A nice gentle start.

Favorite Parking Spot in the Country

I found the oddest spot to park the van for the week.  It is a parking lot next to the ocean that I believe its technically in the park since rangers were cleaning out the trash cans.

But the sunsets every night was gorgeous and the people I met there were friendly as can be.  It was the perfect staging area to peak into random groves and felt like a safe place to just relax.

The Gold Coast

There are certain traditions that I’ve formed when traveling back to places for a second or third time.  This hike starting at the Elk Prairie Campground Visitor Center and ending at the ocean is one of them.  While its possible to make it out to the ocean via a car, the first time I did it was by hiking out there and the reward of the journey makes it feel more worth it.

Journey before Destination.