A Journey with No End

Every good story needs a beginning.  I feel like this road trip taken in 2016 was the origin that shaped many decisions in the years to come. It was shortly after my grandfather passed away of whom I was very close with. On his deathbed I heard him say “I’ve lived a good life” with honest sincerity.

In the following months I couldn’t get this message out of my mind.  I had recently gone self employed and felt like I was in a spiral of repeating patterns.  One day it clicked, I had to change the way I was doing my day to day and get out and ‘live a good life’.

It took a few months of preparation to get myself ready, but by June 2016 I had all my stuff in storage and with no apartment lease to my name I packed up my car and started driving west.

This is the beginning of that journey.

The Beginning of It All

Any journey requires a first step. Lets pack up the car and head west! National Parks, here I come.

My Time in the Dakotas

My entire life I’ve only ever visited the eastern Dakotas. It’s time to change that.